Since 2000 László Süle is faculty member of the Pop-Jazz department of Stadia Polytechnic in Helsinki. He is lecturer on piano and History of Western Muisc.

Earlier he has taught at the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Béla Bartók Conservatory - Budapest, Hungary.

In this lectures I talk about my composition methods. One can find my music as a fusion of classical, jazz and ethnic elements, so I demonstrate these features with CD records, scores and piano examples. I explain the harmonic, rhythmic and melodic qualities of my compositions, I show examples how to use classical forms and composition methods in jazz compositions and jazz elements in classical pieces. We check also some examples of orchestration and arranging for unusual ensembles.

Also in lectures about theory I prefer to make a synthesis between classical and jazz theory. The centre of this lecture is harmony; the evolution of harmony in jazz and in the classical music of the 20th century. What is the basic idea of Bartók’s, Skrjabins’s, Debussy’s, Messiaens’s etc. harmony system and what kind of interactions exist between jazz and classical music.

Piano lessons
In these private lessons I go through with the student the different principles of improvisation. It can be useful for classical piano students as well. With jazz piano students we can talk about harmony, rhythm, composition, solo piano playing etc., according to the level and interest of the student.

With different combo settings we are rehearsing (and possibly performing) a set of my compositions, going through some important elements, like communication, free- and polyphonic improvisation, polyrhytm, etc.
Workshops are open for vocalists and instrumentalists, also classical students are wellcome!

Upcomming masterclass:
April 2008 Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts - Prague, Czech Republic

He has conducted masterclasses on composition, music theory and jazz improvisation in:

2006 Porto Polytchnic, Portugal
2005 Franz Liszt Music Academy - Budapest, Hungary
2003 Malmö Conservatory, Sweden
1998 Tatabánya Jazz Camp, Hungary
1997 Trondheim Conservatory, Norway
1991 Georg Otts Conservatory - Tallin, Estonia